Are poker cheating programs real?

In order to pass the easy solution, many online poker players are looking for ways to cheat online poker sites. This brought on a plethora of poker cheating programs that claim to give you an unfair (and potentially illegal method) to deceive others on online poker tables. However, is the cheating poker of cheating programs real and does it work?

In fact, an affirmation that a poker cheating program will allow you to “see” the cards of your opponent or to know the flop, the turn and the river before it is revealed is not only the science- fiction, it is virtually impossible. The reason is that each players are worn directly to their individual account and that all the only way to see another person than hole cards is if they were worn in this computer player and intercepted the “package” encrypted sent by the poker site to the player to the player. .

In addition, the flop, the lap and the river are not sent to the player’s computer before all the actions are stopped from the table, which makes it impossible to know these cards before they reveal. So, how do people claim that their poker cheat programs really work?

Poker cheat programs generally claim that they can determine which cards come out and what cards held by your opponent using mathematical assumptions to try to predict unknown cards in one hand. In reality, this method is no more precise that you guess which lottery numbers will come out tonight according to the numbers of the previous night.

The truth is that many online poker cheating programs are simply mathematics and a ridiculous mediocre threshing for players think it is possible to see unknown maps. The reality is that computer programs running online poker sites are not so easily cracked using these predictability methods.

On the other hand, there are poker cheating programs that actually work in the sense that they do not rely on the predictability method, rather on the algorithms and subroutines used in the online poker software . Programs that imitate the simulation of the poker site and reveal that the algorithms used are plausible much more accurate than a program that affirms that this can see your opponent’s hole cards.

In conclusion, online poker cheat software is possible and readily available, although see hole cards and unknown maps is unreliable. The only means of real way to beat poker sites and gain poker is if we know the code, algorithms and subroutines used in the poker software.

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Zaire Phillip