Clean your poker chips makes a difference

If you play poker, you have met that at some point. Poker chips that has just been beaten, used and dirty. It’s not very attractive and some say that his bad poker label. If you are welcoming a poker tournament, you never want to be caught with the Ratty Poker Chips. Follow these simple steps and you may be able to bring some life to these old poker chips.


Which cleaning product you decide with you, make sure it is non-abrasive. An abrasive cleaning product tends to wear the surface of your poker chips. This is no no no!

This will eventually lead to the surface of the poker chip being Ruff and Gritty. This type of poker pukrite will be Ruff on the hands and will become more difficult to slip through the felt. This can also affect the most advanced players with their poker tips on the table.

Leave poker design in the tact

You also want to use a product that will exit the design of tact poker after cleaning the poker chip.

All poker wells do not have the same quality but one thing remains the same. When you clean them, you do not want the design to wash once you have fled the cleaning agent.


When cleaning your poker chips, you always want to rub as slightly as possible while giving them a good wash. But there is a thin line between cleaning slightly and clean enough hard to rub the design, so be careful.

You may want to try to find something extremely sweet to wash the poker chips with just to make sure you do not have real damage. Some say a baby firewasher will do the trick while others say that a soft-haired toothbrush will work. All you use, it is recommended not to be too hard or too steep.

Buy a new set

When all the rest fails and your ten-year poker set finally saw his last tournament, burying the old and get fresh fries!

The price of poker wells has dramatically dropped over the last two years, rising poker has increased. Today, it is possible to get a set of poker pukers, a poker table, poker cards and accessories for less than $ 100.

So when the old set saw better days, drop a few dollars and buy a new one.

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Zaire Phillip