Day Trade – Open it or Pay for the Trade System

Of course there is no shortage of vendors on the internet, each hawking trading system which costs more than $ 5,000, some as many as $ 10,000. With a high price label, it’s tempted to try your own hand on the day of trading and see how out. Unfortunately, the results are generally the same for beginner day traders who do it themselves; Complete failure and total.

Then again, you can take a year or more and read each text available in the trade and then collect the system, test it back, exchange it on the demo, and see if it works. Crazy like it sounded, I have done this on several occasions with the trading system that I designed. This is a lot of work, but you know a lot about the ins and outs and computer programming that goes into the trading system a day.

So you are left with two approaches that are very challenging to trade; You can spend a lot of cash on one or more trading system days and finally find that suits your needs; Or you can spend a lot of market time with oscillators and indicators and price action, find a program that can support system design and see if it works. If your day’s trading system does not work, it returns to the drawing board. No one sound sounds very interesting, also not a glamorous choice. They both demand a lot of hard work and money.

There are several skills that must be mastered to become a successful and profitable trader. I will put your trading system near the top of the list of important items to learn. Of course, there are other very important skills that go into trade; Like money management, psychological and emotional control, and master the software that you will use to trade futures contracts. But you must have a system to trade, and the system must work, and you must feel comfortable and confident when you trade the system. It is almost impossible to trade successfully when you do not trust your trading system methodology.

There are several successful and reliable systems that are free to request on the internet. One in particular is very good. (Because of the conflicts of interest and article marketing rules I will not be able to mention specific systems, but should not be difficult to find because it is very popular) the problem with a system that is too popular is a flock of followers of followers from the system. Often, followers of this popular trading methodology tend to accumulate trade with alarming rate and volume because of the popularity of the system itself. No, my personality does not allow me to be part of the trading herd mentality system.

So when choosing a system, a trader needs to pay attention to exactly what is hired by the trading methodology. The casual life of the available trading system will turn on a number of different trading styles. If it’s me, I will trade the system that gets a profitable review on the chat board and is in the mainstream of the current trading methodology. I have to warn you, there are a number of strange daily trading system designers out there and they promote a system that really borders strangely. For example, a very famous technical trader currently promotes the system based on astrology. There are other systems based on biorhythms, weather, and only about other strange events that you might get dreamed of. As I said at the beginning of this paragraph, it remained with the system in the mainstream of trading thinking and mastered the system. You must know your trading system up, inside and outside; You must be able to execute your system without thinking, it must be the second nature.

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Zaire Phillip