Great cooking friction – for the best barbecue of all time!

If you like experimenting different tastes, you are ready to process. The different types of cooking friction used to prepare the meat will give to your workpackage. There has been a lot used for barbecue and vary from region to region. What is popular in a country area may not be popular in another area, but they will have one who is just as delicious.

For those who do not know what a friction is, it is a mixture of herbs, seasonings and spices used to season meat before cooking or cooking. Most are rubbed on the meat and left 12 to 24 hours before cooking. This gives meat time to soak all the flavors.

Cook friction for all meats

If you like the taste of brown sugar, you will love this salt cooking rubbing, paprika, brown sugar, pepper and chili powder. The use of 1/3 cup of all the ingredients is easy to remember. This is a friction of brown chest sugar and it’s fantastic. It is better to stay on meat for 24 hours, then you can grill perfectly.

The South is known for its Cajun cuisine. A friction often used here is for Turkey or chicken. This seasoning of Cajun Turkey can be left on the bird for about 2 hours before cooking. All it takes is salt, onion powder, garlic and red pepper flakes. This friction has only the right amount of heat and work better if you can get it under the skin as much as possible.

If you like pork, here is a great cooking friction that will be perfect for the next roast pork you grill. The combination of paprika, pepper, sugar, salt, dry mustard and cayenne makes a tasty mix that will be improved by smoking. It’s better when you are allowed to sit on the pork for about 24 hours before planning to grill.

The ribs are another cut of meat that just seem to be reinforced by cooking on the grill. They have a flavor alone. This friction will add to this flavor. A mixture of paprika, dry mustard, onion powder, garlic powder, basil, red pepper, black pepper and salt is all it takes. As with any kitchen friction, you can adjust the ingredients to add more or less. It depends entirely on your tastes.

Do you like hot and spicy foods? As mentioned earlier, the South has its own version of how to eat meat with cooking friction. Some of them can pump tears from your eyes. The friction of the devil is one. It is a mixture of coarse salt, red pepper flakes, white vinegar, minced garlic, brown sugar and tabasco. Depending on the heat you desire, the Tabasco can be adjusted but you may want to leave alone alone.

When it comes to grilling, we certainly can not forget the steaks. They will also benefit from friction. A large rubbing for steaks before cooking includes salt, paprika, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, coriander and turmeric. Spices blend with steak for a taste out of the world. In fact, this friction is delicious about any type of beef.

Cooking friction can be made from dry ingredients or can use a damp friction base. The most commonly used is olive oil for the unique flavor it provides and helps create a dough that sticks meat. Such friction is made from cayenne pepper, coarse salt, liquid smoke, garlic, cumin seeds and olive oil. This creative combination will spicele with any type of meat and you can store it in the refrigerator for several days.

If you want to try your hand to create your own kitchen rubbing, start small and experiment with the combination of spices. It’s basically how all friction started through the first place. Start Small will prevent you from having a jackpot of something if you decide that it was not quite the taste you wanted.

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