How do you market your property during a recession?

Although the purchase and sale market seems to have “low” for the moment and in some areas, the properties can be sold in a few weeks, it is always important to think carefully with all the different ways that you can Sell ​​your property to make sure you make sure you give yourself. The best chance to sell your home and achieve the best possible price.

Sell ​​via an agent or sell it yourself?

With the Internet being the first call port for many people looking for a property, it’s easy to think that saving money via online private sales websites such as House Web or Property Broker can you save money.

However, most people do not realize that it is possible to try to sell your property yourself and market with an agent as long as the details are included in the real estate agent’s contract.

In a market where buyers are still rare, it is really important to ensure that your property is announced not only for people who are actively looking for, but also windows of real estate agents and more information and your local paper. .

How to choose your agent?

Once you have decided how you will sell, it is essential to choose your agent carefully, all agents are not the same! Identify via local newspaper ads, ads in Windows and sales boards, that local agents sell goods similar to those of yours and in a similar support. These agents are more likely to know how much your property sells as they will have the best properties comparisons like yours they have recently sold.

Do not simply agree with the agent who offers you the highest valuation or the lowest commission, they will not necessarily be the best agent to sell your home!

What marketing should you do your agent?

When buyers are rare, it is essential to agree with your agent what marketing they will do before signing on the dotted line! Ideally, you will need:

A to sale
Weekly advertising in local newspapers
Advertising on key ownership portals such as Rightmove or FinDaproperty
Property details that best describe your property

Check your details on your property!

You might think that does not matter much what is in the details of the property, but it’s really. You must make sure that the details reflect your property properly. If it’s a family home, make sure there exists easy access to home. If this has a magnificent view, make sure there is a good image to show it. In addition, if the property needs a lot of work, so tell it that people like to move away or work themselves, so that the details must be targeted to the right type of buyers.

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