How to successfully cook the fish on your gas grill

Most people who have cooked a Grill from Weber Gas for a while, probably know that grilling is most always made with the open grill cover. However, there are some instances when you want to close the grill cover during cooking. Such an opportunity is when you cook delicate foods such as the river or tilapia.

When grilling with the grill cover, you use a cooking method called conductive cooking. When you close the grill cover during cooking, you now use the cooking method called convective cooking. You now incorporate the cooking method used by your oven in the kitchen, as opposed to the method used by your gas grill.

Now, why use the same cooking method as your oven? Why not just use your oven you can ask? Short answer – It’s more enjoyable outdoors when it’s hot!

What we do using our propane grill in this way allows us to introduce moisture into the cooking process. This moisture allows us to successfully cook these delicate foods such as the fish we mentioned above. The process works better if you have a multiple burner gas grill (at least two).

The method works like this. Do not let the burner on which your fish will be placed. Then, after turning on the other burner, place a liquid pan directly on the burner. This liquid can be wine, a chicken broth, a stock of shrimp., Etc. – Any liquid that will add to the flavor of the fish while transmitting moisture in the cooking process.

Now brush the bottom side of the fish with olive oil and place directly on the grid in case of cast iron or on a hot plate if your grill is thin wire. You can also use aluminum foil.

Look for a pink or clear moisture on the top of the fish to determine when to return. Judge the cooking of your fish in the same way that you would like out of the oven – does your fish make flakes easily? Or use a thermometer to determine the internal security temperature.

So far, you have probably avoided fish on your gas grill. But we all know how to be healthy fish. Now, following these simple tips, you are sure to enjoy your hot fish from your gas grill this cooking season!

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Zaire Phillip