Juicy Tips for a Best Sex

There is no doubt that sex plays a major role in maintaining a healthy and sustainable relationship. Many research and surveys conducted over the years have concluded that one of the main keys of a happy and accomplished relationship is an excellent sexual experience.

Yet many people have a problem to enjoy sex with their partners. There is a lot of reasons for this problem. The most common are psychological, cultural experiences of early childhood and so on.

The good news is that since the individual or couple realized that sex is the number one killer or the economizer of their relationship and they are willing to change, thousands of tips are available in books , magazines, an internet video and a sex video for the best sex.

Experimentation on these best sex tips allows you to have pleasant experience during the sexual act. They also give you the orchestral confidence and enjoy the sexual experience with your partner.

The Internet is also becoming a major source where couples look for advice for a better sex. I described below some of the juicy tips for a better sex.

The first advice is to take the initiative. Take the initiative will break the ice between the couple and will also excite the opposite partner. Always be on the point of view to add new products to your sex life.

Sex does not need to be done in the bedroom only. This can be done in the basement or under the stairs or just about wherever you want. Some examples are, in the car, on the beach. The ideal location is only limited by your own imagination.

Create a sexy mood and good type of environment for having sex. For example, you can extract colorful curtains and light candles in the bedroom. You can also go for scented candles. Playing soft music in the background would also add spices to the sex environment you want to create.

Having sex in the bath can be a totally different experience. It strengthens the overall excitement. When using the vibrator, ask your partner to use it instead of using the solo vibrator. Try to choose the vibrator and sex toys with your partners, it will help build its anticipation.

Try new positions to have sex. This will again lead to more enthusiasm and add a lot of spices throughout the sexual law. Ask your partner to do different things about you and tell him / that she lights up. Repeat the act if you like it a lot.

Sex is a pleasant activity that has no delay. Sex ends when both partners are completely satisfied after the law. Sex is not a duty that should be completed in a specified period.

You should try different types of stimulations on your partner whenever you have sex. Try masturbating your partner instead of letting him do the act of his own.

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Zaire Phillip