Makeup at the bridal airbrush

Airbrushing makeup was used in the film and television industries for years, but it quickly revolutionizes the living room and even home makeup application techniques. With the advent of HD cameras, the airbrush has an even greater central role, since it is virtually the only method of application that can defend the rigorous requirements of HD.

A wedding is one of the most important days of a woman’s life, where she wants to watch her best airborging quickly gains popularity, because the makeup of Bridal airbrush has several things that occur that conventional makeup can not offer:


Airbrush Foundation offers a new level of seamless and flawless appearance skin, something that really can not be achieved with traditional tools. The application is so soft that the skin looks and feels like there is no makeup, but just a flawless skin.


The airborne foundation formula has several essential elements for Bridal makeup: the formula is light, but gives full coverage. This is done by the micro-terrestrial pigments of the airbrush formulas sitting on the skin, rather than sink into pores and lids while brilling the appearance of bonuses added to the fine lines. HD formulas such as Dinair have the additional advantages of reflection particles on the light that creates an optical illusion, giving effect to a perfect shiny skin with a very small amount of real applied makeup.

Sustainable power

Airbrush Foundation is renowned for sustainable for a long time and need some or even retouching. Makeup sets at the airbrush in times when applied and will be dried to the powder to touch – it means that no matter how many kisses of congratulations and hugs in the bride, his face makeup will not rub gradually on the guests! The Airbrush Foundation will last the entire event, without the need for the touch of touch-most airbrush foundations with an average hour or more to stay in power. This is not four hours of good makeup, and four hours of makeup seeming to fall on your face, which is 8 hours or more makeup with totally fresh search that looks like airbrush foundations simply applied Do not fall and slide the skin as conventional foundations often.

Exact color

The airbrush has the ability to mix and match your exact tone, so that your skin is naturally flawless, and because you can mix and match, you can also classify the color of the color of the neck and cleavage color . Due to the incredible residence power of the Airbrush Foundation, any cover on the back, the chest and the arms will not rub on the dress or other people.

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