Ten tips for cooking with a Dutch oven

Cooking with a Dutch oven is a fun and easy way to enjoy the outdoors with family and friends, while enjoying good food. About any stove with your camp oven requires a few coals, good accessories and some know-how. Allow me to share ten easy tips with you who will send you well on your way to become an expert from the Dutch Four.

Tip 1: When cooking with your oven, try to start with a moderate number of coals, and then train you if necessary.

TWO TIP: Check your dish often to make sure everything cooked properly. If you notice that your food burns, try to reduce the number of coals. If it’s not at all, try adding coals for more heat.

Tip Three: During the cooking process, do not forget to rotate your oven on the coals to ensure even cooking. Use your Dutch Four lid lift to rotate your lid occasionally. This can be done as often as every fifteen minutes to distribute your heat uniformly.

Tip Four: When you make dessert types and breads, try to double your oven with aluminum foil. This will facilitate a much easier cleaning and, in most cases, will not prevent the cooking time.

Tip Five: If you decide to cook during a windy day, try to provide a wind pause to set your oven. This can be anything from a stack of brushing to place it in a sheltered corner. This keeps the heat generated from your coals on your oven and not blowing on the wind.

Tip Six: Keep a pair of gloves, clamps to manipulate coals and other essential safety items at your fingertips when working with coals or fire. If you turn on your coals using a campfire, you can consider keeping a nearby water bucket, in case the fire comes out of the hand.

Tip Seven: When using your Dutch furnace cooking utensils, keep a kitchen timer at hand to keep track of the cooking time of your food.

Tip eight: Start your coatings well before they are necessary to make sure they are good and ready. You may also need to add more coals during cooking if the oldest start to cool.

New Tip: The use of charcoal briquettes is a quick and practical way to cook with your oven.

Tip Ten: Equip yourself with a good Dutch recipe book. Test many different recipes, using many different types of ingredients. The more you use your more comfortable oven than you are going to cook with it.

Cooking with your Dutch Dutch cuisine utensils is fun and very rewarding! Do not forget to practice your skills often to become the cook camp of your dreams.

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Zaire Phillip