Tips For the Beginning Stock Market Investor

New to stock market investing – or just thinking about it? It used to be that investing in stocks was a pursuit for the well-heeled, but some changes to the stock market structure and a growing need for retirement planning have changed that completely. Today, stock investing is for everybody – a necessity to ensure a comfortable retirement, if not a way to get filthy rich.

Of course, if you’re actually going to make money investing in stocks, you can’t just go in blind and start buying stocks. The scary truth is that there are at least as many losers in the stock markets as there are winners. And despite the fact that we’re talking about winning and losing, stock market investing is not a game, and it’s not a gamble – or shouldn’t be. If you walk into it thinking of investing as ‘playing the market’, but don’t take the time to learn the rules and the tips and tricks of stock investing, you may be in for a sad awakening.

A stock investor needs to understand the market before investing.
Okay, that’s not an absolute given. If you can afford it, you can always hand your money over to an investment firm and let them take total control and make your investments for you. But for those people who would like to pick and choose their own stocks, a little homework is an absolute necessity.

You can find a lot of excellent tutorials with stock tips and tricks of the trade online. Learn the definitions and get a basic understanding of how the market works before sinking any money into a stock. Stock exchange terminology can be daunting – and not understanding the terms can cost you some serious money if you make a mistake, so before you start spending money, or even consider which stocks you should invest in, take the time to read up on the basics of investing in stocks.

Stock Analysis – How do you choose stocks?
While there are hundreds of trading “systems” out there, most savvy market investors use one of three methods to choose the stocks in which they invest – fundamental analysis, technical analysis or a blend of the two. The benefits of one over the other are a hotly debated topic in most forums devoted to stock market tips and stock market news, so understanding the differences and relative merits of each is important.

Fundamental analysts choose stocks on the strength of the company in which they are buying shares. Fundamental analysis is a valuable tool for choosing stocks for long term stock market investing.

Technical analysts use charts to look for patterns and signals to tell traders when to buy and sell stocks and other securities in order to maximize their profits. Technical analysis is most often used by traders, who buy and sell stocks in the shorter term rather than buying stocks as a long term investments.

Market Tools for Beginning Investors
Long gone are the days when the only way to get your stock market news was in the morning newspaper. The internet has made it possible – and easy – for anyone with a computer and an internet connection to get up to the second stock exchange quotes, follow your favorite stocks, research possible investment opportunities and get the stock market report on any stock that catches your eye. There are free and premium services that offer stock market quotes in real time – though most of the free services are delayed by twenty minutes or more. Many of these sites also let you pull up financial data, technical charts and company news on your chosen stocks, and will even point out stock picks and offer stock tips.

As a beginning investor, one of the best things that you can do is visit a wide number of stock market report sites, play with the tools offered and read up on tutorials that will help you get familiar with how the stock market and trading works. Once you have a solid grounding in the technical and the way-to complete from the stock market, you are able tomake far better decisions when it’s time to put your money to work.

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Zaire Phillip